Second camera for wedding photography a MUST?
by Amanda Ortega

If you have ever shot wedding photography and/or attended a wedding with a photographer, you know that most of them carry a second camera. I say most because not all do, and that is okay! But why do they do that? What is the need for a second camera? 

There are many aspects of a wedding, and it is extremely difficult for a photographer to capture ALL of these moments at every focal length and at every moment in time. Many wedding photographers will carry a SECOND CAMERA! Why? Instead of having to fiddle with swapping lenses, its a good idea, if within a budget, to purchase another camera for the access to two lenses of different lengths for different purposes! A 24-70mm works well for most shots but when you want to get a close up of the happy couple, you need a greater focal length. A 70-300mm lens is great for these kind of shots! 

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